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Extract key information from filings just by asking

Leverage Quill's financially-tuned AI to quickly answer questions about any company’s public investor materials. Each response includes state-of-the-art sentence-level source citations that take you back to the relevant filings. This also prevents the AI from hallucinating information.

Unlike ChatGPT, which has a training cutoff date, Quill always has up-to-date financial data.


Ask about companies and their 10K/10Q/8K filings. You can also extract numerical data into spreadsheets.

No chats. Use the chat box at the bottom.

Historical financials for a fraction of the cost

Quill has complete tabular historical financial data, collected and organized by our in-house models. Each number comes with a link to its location in the original filing, making the data easily verifiable. All data is Excel-downloadable, so you’ll never manually fill in historicals again.

Access real-time SEC Filings, earnings call transcripts, insider transactions, and investor presentations. As soon as filings are uploaded to the SEC, they are available on Quill. Files are highlightable in our in-house document viewer, and highlights are shareable for easy collaboration with team members.

Whenever a company you’re tracking releases a filing, Quill Alerts will email you with a customizable analysis of the filing. Quill can also send you an updated version of your metrics spreadsheet the minute the information is released on the SEC.

Earnings call metrics/guidance

Quill provides any of the company's results and guidance, along with sources for those claims, and management's commentary for the results/guidance. This is automatable and exportable to Excel.

$NVDA reported metrics (last quarter):



Key drivers

Q1 Revenue

Q1 Data Center Revenue

Q1 Compute Revenue from Data Center

Q1 Networking Revenue from Data Center

Q1 Automotive Revenue

Q1 Gaming Revenue

Q1 Pro Visualization Revenue

No reason found

Q1 Gross Margin (GAAP)

Q1 Gross Margin (non-GAAP)

Q1 GAAP Operating Expenses

Q1 Non-GAAP Operating Expenses

Q1 Shareholder Returns

No reason found

Q1 Dividend Increase

No reason found

Q2 Revenue Guidance

Q2 GAAP Gross Margin Guidance

No reason found

Q2 Non-GAAP Gross Margin Guidance

No reason found

Q2 GAAP Operating Expenses Guidance

No reason found

Q2 Non-GAAP Operating Expenses Guidance

No reason found

Q2 Tax Rate Guidance

No reason found

Earnings call Q&A Analysis

Achieve a fast and accurate understanding of Wall Street analysts’ main concerns with regards to any public company with Quill’s earnings call Q&A sentiment analysis.

$NVDA earnings call Q&A breakdown (last 4 quarters):

Transform Any PDF into a Spreadsheet

Using our in-house AI models, Quill magically converts any PDF into a detailed spreadsheet, with each number linked to its source in the original document. You can also perform textual analysis on uploaded PDFs.




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